MNBS-600 Auger Drilling Rig

MNBS-600 / Auger drilling machine with laser guidance system is designed for precision horizontal drilling and installation of gravity-flow pipelines. Laser guidance system ensures the capability to accurately control the direction and the slope of the bore path. MNBS-600 drilling rig has its own shoring system for depths up to 5 m.

1. Auger drilling with slope control and installation of pipes up to Ø600 mm in diameter.
2. Performing guided curvilinear pilot bores and pulling pipes up to Ø400 mm in diameter.
3. Static pipe bursting up to Ø400 mm.

Distinctive features:

The key advantage of MNBS-600 is its durable, well-designed frame capable of not only pushing the pipe during auger boring but also of pulling the expander/pipe assembly up to Ø400 mm in diameter if the pipe-pulling process with dry compaction is the preferred method of trenchless installation. Threaded connections of pilot rods allow pulling an expander or a pipe-bursting head.

1. Capacity to perform a fully steerable horizontal drilling operation with the installation of pipe up to Ø600 mm in diameter using the method of auger drilling.
2. Capacity to perform a fully steerable horizontal drilling operation with the installation of pipe up to Ø400 mm in diameter using the method of dry compaction. This method does not involve removal of soil and is accomplished by using special expanders.
3. The pulling force of 80 tons allows carrying out trenchless replacement and increase of old and undersized pipelines with the maximum increase up to Ø400 mm.
4. With the use of special rods and radiodetection system, it is possible to use our auger machines for guided curvilinear drilling (horizontal directional drilling) and pulling of pipes up to Ø400 mm in diameter.
5. All the work associated with trenchless pipe-installation is performed without the use of water, bentonite or polymer-based drilling fluids.
6. There is no need to use additional equipment such as water truck or high-power pumps for pumping out excess drilling fluid.
7. Our auger drilling machines are equipped with cutting edge laser guidance systems that allow to perform pilot bores with precise slope control.

Technical data

Pushing force:

100 t

Pulling force:

83 t


1,5 t/m

Drilling guidance system:

laser guidance for straight drilling and radiolocation for curvilinear drilling

Temperature range:

from -20°С to +40°С

Pressure in the hydraulic system:

200 kg/cm3

Hydraulic power pack:

Twin engine (Honda GX690) with total capacity of: 35,4 kW.

Automatic flow and pressure regulation system.

Mass and dimensions:

- machine

- trench box

- hydraulic power pack

2500 kg, 2850 × 1350 × 1300 mm

2000 kg, 2900 × 2300 × 1600 mm

750 kg, 2220 × 1020 × 1030 mm

Working parameters:*

- Max. length of laser-guided drilling: up to 80 m. Max. expansion by dry compaction: up to 360 mm.
- Auger drilling length: 40-60 m depending on the diameter and soil conditions. Range of diameters: 400-630 mm.
- Replacement of old pipes (pipe-bursting): diameters up to 400 mm, lengths up to 200 m.
- Applicable soil types: clay, sand, gravel, mixed soils, except hard rock.

*Maximum length and diameter of drilling depends on geological conditions, crew experience and other factors.

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