Trenchless technologies

Trenchless techonologies in construction

Trenchless technologies, also known internationally as no-dig technologies, are among the technologies for underground construction works not involving the ground surface penetration.

With trenchless technologies, more than 90% of works are carried out as underground works,  preventing:

  • the need to restore pavements;
  • disturbances in normal city life;
  • road blocking;
  • disturbances of utilities.

In urban areas, trenchless technologies are more effective in economic terms (2.5-3 times) than the conventional trench technologies. Also, trenchless technologies used for construction of utility systems are environmentally safe.

Trenchless technologies mean:

  • work effectiveness in terms of technology;
  • preservation of existing pavements;
  • preservation of planted vegetation;
  • cleanliness and appropriateness for urban conditions;
  • resources and money saving;
  • convenience for population;
  • preservation of existing pipelines and utilities.